Digital Enablement Platform

Offering a one-stop shop for mobile payments

IDEMIA Digital Enablement Platform

For people who are on the move and always connected, mobile payment is yet another way of making their busy lives a little bit easier. However, without a secure and efficient way of managing card digitization, life will become a lot more complicated for today’s payment providers. Whether they are established banks or newly-arrived tech giants, providers need a platform that makes card digitization as easy as possible, while ensuring the highest levels of security for transactions.

IDEMIA has developed a Digital Enablement Platform that meets all these needs in a single one-stop shop. IDEMIA’s solution provides seamless enrollment, tokenization and provisioning – enabling providers to get digital cardholders up and running within minutes. The Digital Enablement Platform offers the full spectrum of provisioning – for an embedded secure element (eSE), a SIM card or the Host Card Emulation software within a mobile app. It can also deliver hybrid solutions that use a Trusted Execution Environment.

Cloud-based and very quick to implement, IDEMIA’s Digital Enablement Platform is ideal for all types of payment providers and wallet options. Financial institutions can meet the growing demand for hassle-free mobile payments by offering their own digitized cards using HCE technology, while third-party wallets such as Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are all fully supported. As a trusted supplier to 1,800 financial institutions, IDEMIA has designed this solution in compliance with all major payment network standards and certifications.

Facilitated implementation

IDEMIA’s Digital Enablement Platform simplifies a complex environment by managing enrollment, tokenization and provisioning for all wallet types, whether “Issuer Pay” or “OEM Pay”.

Reduced time-to-market

The Digital Enablement Platform by IDEMIA can be installed in a very short timeframe, allowing providers to bring their solutions to market more quickly.

Maximum security

A world leader in digital security, IDEMA has designed the Digital Enablement Platform to deliver a fully secure solution, whether the device uses eSE, HCE, SIM or hybrid options.

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