Digital Payment

Digital Payment

We provide comprehensive digital payment, tokenization and provisioning solutions for seamless, secure and fast digital payments across all channels.

In a fast moving digital payment and eCommerce environment where new wallets and “pay” services “hit the market” every day, it is essential for financial institutions and merchants to accelerate their go-to-market and deliver the expected digital services to their customers. IDEMIA enables them to be at the forefront of digital payments with future-proof payment solutions.

Our unified Digital Enablement Platform is capable of addressing complexities in the payment market and building a sustainable infrastructure for financial institutions and merchants. Our solution covers:


  • All the use cases and wallet options: it enables card digitization across all wallets and payment options, for proximity, in-app, P2P and e-commerce payments.
  • All the security options: it can digitize cards in any secure element whether hardware or software based.
  • All the required technical assets: it provides enrolment, provisioning and (de)tokenization features.


IDEMIA is the world leader when it comes to domestic schemes, digital enablement capabilities, and live at-scale projects with all major mobile wallet providers. To-date, we have successfully digitized and provisioned tens of millions of payment cards worldwide.


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