eSIM for in-car infotainment systems

Personalizing connected vehicle user experience with onboard Wi-Fi and digital services

eSIM for in-car infotainment systems IDEMIA

Consumers already consider vehicles as connected devices where high-performance connectivity is necessary. In fact, a recent study shows that 42% of people name car connectivity as a key feature in their next vehicle purchasing decision. Part of the appeal for connected cars is in the in-car infotainment system that allows drivers to play the latest trendy music in the front of the car while passengers watch their favorite movies in the back, for example.

With the eSIM Consumer, carmakers give drivers the ability to choose the network provider and connectivity plan of their choice for onboard Wi-Fi and digital services. This unrivaled flexibility allows car users to benefit from a fully customized car connectivity experience.

IDEMIA’s GSMA-approved eSIM Consumer, called DAKOTA Auto Consumer, combines a secure automotive-grade hardware and an operating system (OS) that is able to host multiple mobile operator subscriptions. Integrated into the telematics control unit (TCU) of  the vehicle, DAKOTA Auto Consumer has been designed to enable drivers to easily manage connectivity for their own in-car infotainment system—just as they would with any other connected device, such as a smartwatch.

The latest generation of DAKOTA Auto Consumer is compliant with the most recent GSMA specifications and is 5G-ready. It ensures state-of-the-art security for the driver’s personal data along with greater protection against call interceptions, fraud, and location tracking.

IDEMIA’s experience with mobile operators, expertise in SIM and eSIM manufacturing, and its IATF-certified factories, makes it a reliable partner to help carmakers provide high-performing eSIM Consumers to car users.

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  • Flexibility

    DAKOTA Auto Consumer enables car drivers to add connectivity to their cars and choose their preferred network operator.

  • Enhanced in-car experience

    With IDEMIA’s eSIM for in-car infotainment systems car drivers and passengers can access tailored infotainment services and onboard Wi-Fi.

  • Automotive-ready eSIM Consumer

    Designed for the automotive industry and manufactured in IATF-certified sites, this product runs on a chip that is AEC-Q100 and Automotive Grade 2 qualified.

  • 45M+

    cars connected worldwide for 6 major carmakers, including Mercedes-Benz Group and Stellantis

Reinventing the driver experience for connected and autonomous vehicles
Reinventing the driver experience for connected and autonomous vehicles

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