GREENPAY sustainable payment solutions

Enabling the payment community’s environmental paradigm shift

GREENPAY sustainable payment solutions IDEMIA

For decades, the “take – make – waste” paradigm has ruled the global economy. However, it is now being challenged and gradually replaced by a “reduce – recycle– offset” model to reduce carbon footprint and preserve the planet.

With GREENPAY sustainable payment solutions, IDEMIA is blazing a trail in this payment community environmental paradigm shift. This eco-friendly end-to-end initiative encompasses products, services, processes and carbon emission offsetting programs to help financial institutions achieve their sustainable development goals.

GREENPAY proves how innovation can be a force for good for society and the environment and is a positive affirmation of IDEMIA’s pledge to rethink how to design, use and reuse plastic in the payment industry, while offering customers cutting-edge environmental solutions.

With GREENPAY, ushering in a sustainable payment ecosystem doesn't cost the Earth.

Sustainable innovations

To help preserve the planet, make the most of innovative and sustainable card bodies made out of recycled PVC, and new sustainable materials that will enhance IDEMIA’s product offering in 2021 and 2022.

Customer value sharing

Roll out a full end-to-end green strategy to attract and capture new climate-embracing market segments such as millennials and Gen Zers.

Eco-friendly banking

Communicate to end-users on your climate pledges with regard to meeting growing consumer demand for green payment suppliers.

of global consumers expect their bank to offer cards made out of eco-friendly material
CO² reduction achieved with recycled PVC material versus standard PVC
personalization centers worldwide to enable proximity to cardholders and reduce carbon footprint
Green is no longer optional in the payment industry

Green is no longer optional in the payment industry

Sustainable solutions are a “must” for consumers who tend to choose the greenest ways to pay. The results of an exclusive survey on eco-friendly solutions in payments reveal the expectations of consumers. Here is a snapshot of what you should know about their expectations and how IDEMIA is ready to support banks in their ecological transformation with GREENPAY.

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