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Providing smart analytics for efficient risk assessment at borders

Traveler Analytics Suite IDEMIA

Government agencies today face conflicting objectives: securing borders while facilitating travelers crossing those same borders. Threat assessment has become the cornerstone of border management. As soon as a journey is booked, passenger data can be crosschecked against external reference databases and analyzed via a risk assessment procedure for security clearance purposes. This complex process must be performed swiftly and efficiently. To meet this challenge, IDEMIA has designed IDEMIA Traveler Analytics Suite, a comprehensive traveler data collection and risk assessment solution. It offers a unique and modular risk analysis approach to improve border management, in compliance with law and respecting privacy.

IDEMIA Traveler Analytics Suite addresses all the critical steps of an effective passenger data management project. It helps government agencies detect persons of interest and identify suspicious patterns through:

  • Passenger Name Record (PNR) data collection and processing
  • Batch and interactive Advanced Passenger Information (API – iAPI) data collection and processing
  • Smart data analysis
  • Alert management

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  • Comprehensive risk assessment suite

    From data collection to smart analysis and operation, IDEMIA Traveler Analytics Suite carries out the complete risk assessment process swiftly and efficiently.

  • Unique analytics capabilities

    The solution is made up of various features such as screening, targeting, profiling and investigating.

  • Proven solution

    Various governments worldwide trust IDEMA Traveler Analytics Suite to perform their risk assessment such as France and Argentina.

  • 100 MN+

    passengers have already used the IDEMIA API-PNR system in France

  • 30+

    international airlines and 13 cruise ship companies from which we are collecting data in the frame of the API & PNR programs in Argentina

  • 200+

    airlines from which we are collecting data in the frame of the French program

IDEMIA supports the French Government by modernizing passenger data management processes and targeting techniques.

IDEMIA supports the French Government by modernizing passenger data management processes and targeting techniques.

Within French anti-terrorism laws and the European Union’s API-PNR directive, the French government has set up a joint ministerial committee to implement an API-PNR system. Its objectives are to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist threats and serious crimes. In early 2014, the French government selected IDEMIA to design and roll out the API-PNR system, in compliance with law, E.U. recommendations and privacy requirements.

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