Identity Proofing

Onboarding customers with verified identities anytime, anywhere

Identity Proofing IDEMIA

As businesses continue to go digital, they find themselves struggling to keep up with evolving customer demands, while ensuring the security of their systems and ongoing compliance with regulations.

IDEMIA’s Identity Proofing platform offers a powerful and robust identity verification solution for enterprises that need to know, trust, and verify the identities of their customers. It enables service providers to digitize the user registration process across various channels, while ensuring total security.

Identity proofing is completed using biometric and document capture through dedicated hardware, in assisted mode, or via customer smartphones. Once a user submits their data, biometric and document data is extracted and verified against one another, or against an authoritative data source such as a national identity database or a trusted system of record. Counter-fraud and high-risk profile verifications may also be performed for additional assurance.

The result is a trusted customer identity that gives service providers the assurance they need to proceed with customer onboarding.

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  • Global coverage

    IDEMIA’s Identity Proofing platform supports over 500 different ID documents for over 195 countries. It manages multi-modal biometrics checks and connection to various trusted databases and AML/CFT watchlists.

  • Omnichannel customer journey

    This solution enables enterprises to onboard customers through a variety of different channels: in branch, assisted by agents equipped with trusted devices, or remotely using smartphones and web platforms.

  • Easy integration and adaptation

    A single API unifies all ID verification processes, connecting to internal or external sources. It enables enterprises to swiftly integrate the solution and add complementary checks when needs arise (new use cases, evolving regulations, etc.).

The 3.0 digital banking experience
The 3.0 digital banking experience
  • Liveness detection

    IDEMIA’s liveness detection technology has passed independent third-party testing for Presentation Attack Detection (PAD).


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