IDEMIA Identity Platform

IDEMIA launches its Identity Platform for enterprises

We live in a world where the physical and digital converge, and where being identified digitally is becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

In a digital world where customers expect access to services anytime and anywhere and where identity theft and fraud risks are higher than ever before, the need to securely onboard and verify a customer’s identity is critical for enterprises. A solution that provides a secure and seamless user experience while mitigating fraud and complying with regulations can be the key to an enterprise’s success in the market.

A trusted digital identity has the power to transform KYC/AML compliance and fraud challenges into opportunities by enabling business growth, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and supporting the creation of new services.
Muzaffar Khokhar, EVP Digital Business Unit, IDEMIA

The IDEMIA Identity Platform is a powerful solution for enterprises and service providers that enable them to verify, manage and authenticate digital identities in a secure, trusted and convenient manner.

This platform includes four main modules: