ID.X Authenticate

Adapting user authentication to risk levels and use cases

ID.X Authenticate IDEMIA

Authentication occurs each time customers attempt to access a service or perform a transaction. It requires that they provide pieces of evidence to prove their identity, categorized as:

  • Knowledge: what users know (password, PIN…)
  • Possession: what users possess (token, mobile…)
  • Inherence: what users are (fingerprint, face, iris…)

ID.X Authenticate is an adaptable authentication platform that enables businesses to easily address a complex and dynamic reality that accounts for:

  • Business strategy and varying security policies
  • Varying risk levels of transactions
  • Multiplicity of users’ profiles and situations
  • Multiplicity of sales channels
  • Rapid technological developments and ever evolving fraud
  • Heterogeneous and new authentication factors

ID.X Authenticate allows companies to adopt a user-focused authentication strategy that strikes a balance between usability and security, while complying with the latest regulations and standards regarding authentication. The stringency of authentication is adapted to the risk level of the transaction, with risk-based and multi-factor authentication, following a risk assessment with transaction risk analysis.


ID.X Authenticate enable enterprises to customize the authentication process according to the use case, the user profile or the transaction risk level. Furthermore, processes can be updated over time according to business needs and technological evolutions.


ID.X Authenticate meets the authentication needs of any business regardless of channels, use cases or application. With this solution, enterprises benefit from more efficient verifications by eliminating system silos and streamlining their authentication strategies.


ID.X Authenticate enables businesses to keep ahead of daily mishaps by implementing fall-back authentication methods in case users lose, break or forget their authentication factors.

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