Aiming for paper-free law enforcement processes

Digitalizing the enrollment and identity verification process of offenders

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At IDEMIA, we actively contribute to making the world a safer place by equipping law enforcement agencies worldwide with the latest technology. Our biometric innovations not only help officers to detect threats and solve cases faster, but they also enable the digitalization of time-consuming procedures, allowing officers to focus on value-added tasks.

Using traditional methods, the enrollment and identification process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours at the local police station. By digitalizing the enrollment of offenders, law enforcement agencies are confident that the captured biometric data is of the highest quality and can instantly share it with their database. If, for example, the individual is a wanted person, then the officer will receive an alert in real-time. Thanks to IDEMIA’s biometric devices, cumbersome paperwork and illegible prints are a thing of the past. Here are the latest innovations we offer law enforcement agencies looking to digitalize their processes.

MTop Mobile, digitalizing enrollment and identification from anywhere

With MTop Mobile, officers can enroll offenders quickly and easily, capturing high-quality biometric data on the go. Thanks to this mobile device, officers ensure instantaneous preservation of records within the database, while enhancing accessibility and data management.

Using MTop Mobile, law enforcement agencies can:

  • transition to a digital infrastructure
  • facilitate officers with identity verification and enrollment tasks in the field
  • eliminate the fingerprints of innocent bystanders at a crime scene

TP 6300, capturing high quality palm and fingerprints

TP 6300 accurately captures tenprints, palms, rolls, and writers’ edges, in a few seconds each. Unaffected by dry or wet fingers or an unclean platen, TP 6300 highlights minutiae and pore details with precision, making it the go-to system for latent print comparison. The device captures tattoo details and fingerprints covered in henna with ease, ensuring seamless enrollment.

The sturdy design remains undamaged even in difficult situations that may occur at the police station, including uncooperative or aggressive people.

Mobile Biometric Check, verifying the identity of a person in the field with a smartphone

The addition of advanced biometric capabilities to smartphones helps officers to conduct faster and more reliable identification checks in the field. Mobile Biometric Check is an advanced smartphone application that supports law enforcement officers and border guards with the identity verification of individuals on the go. This solution – that can also be delivered as an SDK – uses the camera of a smartphone to automatically detect and capture face images and fingerprints.

IDEMIA’s comprehensive range of biometric solutions has been designed to free field officers from time-consuming paperwork so they can focus on safeguarding citizens. Whether you are looking for a portable device that can be used for street policing or a complete installation located at the police station, we have the technology that accommodates your needs to help you transition from a paper-based to a digitalized infrastructure.


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