Mobile Biometric Check

Performing in-the-field biometric checks with a smartphone

Mobile Biometric Check

It is essential for officers in the field to rapidly identify potential suspects who may have committed identity fraud, or have outstanding warrants or a history of violence. With the Mobile Biometric Check mobile application, law enforcement, border patrol, fraud investigators and military personnel can safely make better decisions by capturing and identifying facial images and fingerprints using the camera in their phone. No other hardware is needed.

The Mobile Biometric Check application currently supports two modalities that securely transmit biometric data according to NIST standards:
- DirectCapture: simultaneous capture of 4 fingerprints, configurable to capture up to 8
- FaceCheck: capture of individual face

Face and fingerprint identification are available separately, or can be combined within a seamless workflow. Face images and fingerprints are automatically detected and captured in seconds, and the app can submit searches to authorized local, state, or national government databases. IDEMIA’s industry-leading face and finger identification system quickly returns search results for officer review.

Easy to use

It’s as easy as taking a picture: the Mobile Biometric Check application uses the camera in the officers’ existing mobile devices, features one-hand operation and requires no direct contact with subjects. The device vibrates when results are ready.


The Mobile Biometric Check application usage is protected through two-factor authentication, including a user-defined login and biometric verification, ensuring a secure process.

Device agnostic

The Mobile Biometric Check application enables the use of existing smartphones, eliminating the cost of additional hardware.


Recommended devices for the Mobile Biometric Check app include the iPhone 7 or greater, or the Samsung Galaxy 7 or greater.

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