Integrated SIM (iSIM)

Enhancing security, efficiency, and versatility for future-ready IoT deployments

Integrated SIM (iSIM)

Various sectors such as automotive, medical, utilities, security, logistics, industrial, smart cities, and smart homes rely increasingly on IoT devices for insights, asset management, and informed business strategies. All these IoT use cases mandate security, uptime, and business continuity. With the integrated SIM (or iSIM) IDEMIA answers these security and efficiency requirements and enables wireless IoT connectivity activation via an industry-wide secure protocol for seamless, multi-national, and interoperable deployments at scale.

IDEMIA’s integrated SIM (also called an integrated eUICC or ieUICC) eliminates the dependence on a physical SIM for IoT constrained devices. It enables cellular connectivity without the use of a physical UICC or eUICC card plugged or soldered into the device. Instead, the iSIM is embedded into a Tamper-Resistant Element (TRE) on the device’s System-on-Chip (SoC), an integrated secure enclave isolated in the chipset design, ensuring data protection from physical and logical attacks.

For IoT stakeholders, using the iSIM offers:

  • PCB1 space-saving, allowing IoT device size reduction and making it suitable for a wider range of use cases;
  • Device battery saving, enhancing operational effectiveness for low power IoT devices;
  • Simplification of the bill of materials (BoM) by eliminating the need for a separate component or pins to host a physical SIM.

The iSIM maintains the same security level as a physical SIM—utilizing identical evaluation processes and methodologies as other form factors and ensuring compliance to high security standards. IDEMIA collaborates with major SoC vendors to enable the integrated SIM solution by providing the best SIM Operating System (OS) solution for OEMs in terms of security, features set, extended product lifetime, quality and interoperability.

For flexible connectivity management, IDEMIA’s iSIM solution is designed to seamlessly integrate within the GSMA eSIM ecosystem, complementing IDEMIA’s suite of Remote SIM Provisioning solutions (RSP). It encompasses an eUICC (RSP) system, inclusive of SMDP+ 2 and eIM3. IDEMIA’s suite of Remote SIM Provisioning solutions, Smart Connect Manager, facilitates a smooth transition from current M2M specifications to the new SGP.32.

1 Printed Circuit Board
2 Subscription Manager – Data Preparation +
3 eSIM Remote Manager

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  • Small footprint

    Embedded into the SoC, the iSIM enables size-constrained devices design, which is particularly beneficial to industrial sensors and asset trackers use cases.

  • Low power requirement

    As the integrated SIM consumes, by design, less power than a physical SIM, it ensures seamless functionality even with limited power, which makes it ideal for battery-powered devices.

  • Compatibility with 4G and 5G

    Compatible with standard security protocols, IDEMIA’s ieUICC supports latest network generations and offers seamless connectivity across carriers— it makes it highly versatile to address a wide range of IoT use cases.


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