Investigations and evidence analysis

We help forensic experts achieve operational efficiency in lead-gathering and biometric identification.

As the number one partner of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies around the world, and with 40 years’ experience of working with forensic experts, IDEMIA helps support investigations with interoperable biometric identification systems and fieldwork-ready devices.

IDEMIA stands out for the depth of its evidence analysis offering, which includes interoperable biometric search engines powered by highly-accurate matching algorithms (as tested by the NIST), advanced video analytics capabilities, and mobile equipment for high-quality data capture during police bookings or for identity checks in the field.

Empowering evidence analysis with world-class biometric identification

Based on MBIS—our core engine for biometric identification—we have developed intuitive and easy-to-use ABIS1 and AFIS2 interfaces that include both on premise and cloud-based solutions, to help forensic experts and investigators identify suspects with the highest level of accuracy.

With our field-proven MBIS product suite, examiners can manage fingerprint, palm and facial images with powerful verification and comparison tools, and can interface with third-party systems such as INTERPOL and other ABIS to solve cases faster. IDEMIA’s STORM ABIS platform complies with the U.S. government’s stringent standards for data security and continuity of operations. With these advanced evidence analysis technologies, forensic experts have all the necessary tools at their fingertips to compare latent finger and palm prints with a set of known prints from first responders, victims, or suspects. And STORM lets them access world-class fingerprint-matching technology from anywhere they have an internet connection.

We also provide examiners with image and video analytics tools to quickly find and qualify information, and offer facial recognition training to keep forensic experts’ skills up-to-date with knowledge on facial anatomy, dermatology, aging, and alteration.

Multibiometric solution for police booking

IDEMIA’s multibiometric enrollment stations significantly speed up police booking procedures. Once the suspect’s biometric and alphanumeric information is in the system, police officers can run background checks and perform suspect identification with great accuracy within seconds.

Biometric identification in the field

IDEMIA’s mobile solutions and services allow quick and easy capture of a person of interest’s fingerprints and face data while in the field. Depending on local regulations, this data may then be matched against data held by law enforcement authorities. Critical time and money are saved, as a trip to the station is no longer needed.

Multibiometric police booking stations and mobile terminals for field identity checks can securely interface with our evidence analysis systems to maximize operational efficiency in lead-gathering and suspect identification.

1 Automated Biometric Identification System
2 Automated Fingerprint Identification System


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