Mobile authentication solution

Performing multi-factor authentication for mobile banking or payment use cases

Mobile authentication solution IDEMIA

IDEMIA offers a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution which enables banking clients to perform strong and frictionless authentication for their payment and mobile banking operations, using their smartphone as an authentication channel.

The IDEMIA Mobile Authenticator solution enables cardholders to perform the identity verification needed to access their banking account, proceed with sensitive operations, or validate e-commerce transactions. The solution ensures secure operations, whether initiated from a mobile device or the web, while providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

With IDEMIA Mobile Authenticator, cardholders can conveniently prove their identity through their mobile devices, by complying with at least 2 of the following authentication criteria:

  • Knowledge: what users know (PIN, password)
  • Possession: what users possess (mobile, payment card)
  • Inherence: what users are (fingerprint, face)

Depending on the context (amount, location, device known, etc.), several authentication factors may be needed to provide the required security level.

IDEMIA Mobile Authenticator, offers banks and financial institutions the flexibility to select optimal authentication methods for their customers from PIN codes to biometric options such as on-device biometrics or IDEMIA biometric technology to bolster security. They can also leverage a smartphone NFC capabilities to enable cardholders to conveniently authenticate themselves by tapping their card on their phone for activities such as account recovery or high-value transactions.

The IDEMIA Mobile Authenticator service relies on IDEMIA’s SaaS platform hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. It offers a swift-and-easy integration based on APIs and a mobile SDK qualified for iOS and Android devices.

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  • User-friendly experience

    Cutting-edge technologies like “Tap to Authenticate” allows users to perform strong authentication while ensuring a fast and convenient authentication experience.

  • Flexible authentication

    The solution covers a large scope of authentication scenarios from banking operations, account recovery, to online payment on web.

  • Easy integration

    Designed on a SaaS model, the solution is easy to implement using a set of APIs and a mobile SDK.


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