MorphoMaestro – kiosks and gates supervision

Monitoring automated border control equipment

MorphoMaestro – kiosks and gates supervision IDEMIA

Border authorities use more and more automated equipment to cope with the everyday challenges of processing important numbers of travelers. These new technologies improve the border crossing experience, but this should not be at the expense of security. IDEMIA’s MorphoMaestro™ solution helps border authorities to meet these challenges while optimizing resources. This monitoring solution assists border guards in the operational management and control of self-service border control equipment such as kiosks and gates.

MorphoMaestro™ monitors up to six gates/kiosks simultaneously and supports border guards in assessing the situation and taking adequate action. It includes the following features:

  • Exception management services
  • Monitoring services
  • System status updates

MorphoMaestro™ has a highly customizable user interface and workflows, providing border guards with an efficient tool for real-time supervision. With its two modes of use – fixed station or mobile application, it facilitates the supervision of all passengers, including exception management. During daily operations, the application enables the border guard to take direct control of equipment and override decisions if needed. System alerts can also be displayed in order to anticipate or notify administrators of any functional or performance maintenance needs.

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  • Improved operational management

    MorphoMaestro™ helps border guards to monitor traveler processing using kiosks and gates at border crossing points. This win-win solution allows border guards to focus on security, while allowing travelers to enjoy a streamlined process.

  • Optimized resources at borders

    With MorphoMaestro™ a border guard can monitor up to six kiosks or gates, helping to reduce resources, while increasing passenger throughput.

  • Flexible solution

    MorphoMaestro™ is ideal for all border clearance processes. It includes two working modes: supervision for standard operations, and exception management for a specific incident. It can be used as a fixed or mobile application.

  • 39M+

    travelers supervised by MorphoMaestro™ in Singapore Changi Airport


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