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IDEMIA is full of innovative minds. And thanks to them, we have developed a seamless way to drastically enhance the security of Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions. MOTION CODE cardholders will find that the traditional static 3-digit security code on the back of their card has been replaced by a mini-screen displaying a code, which automatically refreshes every hour. This solution renders copying of card information useless. By the time would-be fraudsters try to use it, the stolen number will have already changed several times.

The best and most innovative aspect of this invention? It requires zero changes in user habit. The magic of MOTION CODE happens behind the scenes. As this technology relies on a complex algorithm to automatically generate a new code, it does not require any disruptive process such as installing a plugin or having to key in data.

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  • Simple consumer journey

    Increasing security and creating a transparent user experience, MOTION CODE conforms to standard credit card format and thickness and does not require any re-education or change in behaviour.

  • Security and trust

    The dynamic security code promises immediate acceptance by all online merchants and increases trust in online transactions.

  • Easy to implement

    A ready-to-go solution for banks and financial institutions including the card issuance and the server which secures online transactions by shortening the validity of the cryptogram security code.

MOTION CODE™, Reinvent the code!
MOTION CODE™, Reinvent the code!

Thanks to this new dynamic cryptogram technology, the customer feels reassured and more confident when he uses his card. Everyone agrees on its simplicity as it does not require any change to the online shopping experience.

Elodie Trouillaud at Société Générale

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