The 3GPP CT WG6 nominates Heiko Kruse as Chairman

We are very proud to announce that our colleague Heiko Kruse, Senior Standardization Manager at IDEMIA has been appointed as Chairman of the 3GPP CT WG6.



This group within 3GPP is the one in charge of the establishment of standards for smart card applications including: 

  • Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) which is used by 2G systems,
  • USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) which is used by 3GPP systems,
  • ISIM (IM Services Identity Module) with the exception of the security algorithms
Heiko Kruse

Since 1997 Heiko is representing IDEMIA in various standardisation bodies, including ETSI, GSMA, Java Card Forum and 3GPP. He is also vice-chairman of ETSI Smart Card Platform and Requirements (ETSI SCP and ETSI SCP REQ). His 20-year experience in the field of telecommunications and Smart cards will be a key asset in the definition of new standards for the upcoming 5G standard. We are confident that Heiko can be beneficial for the ongoing evolution of standards.