BPER Banca launches recycled PVC payment cards in partnership with IDEMIA

The new climate-friendly cards will gradually replace the bank’s entire card catalogue of payment cards

Italian banking group BPER Banca will replace its entire catalogue of standard PVC cards with recycled PVC cards from IDEMIA’s GREENPAY line in pursuant to the bank’s environmental policy. Together with use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) water-based inks, this will make a substantial contribution to pollution reduction. In addition, envelopes and letters containing cards sent to end-customers will be made from recycled paper.

The bank, for which its subsidiary Bibanca produces all credit, debit and prepaid cards, plans to gradually replace all cards over time with close attention to sustainability and waste reduction. Standard PVC cards already in use will be replaced by rPVC cards when they reach the end of their lifecycle.

When BPER Banca purchased 600 UBI Banca and Intesa Sanpaolo branches in February 2021, they used the opportunity to replace some 560,000 cards, followed by a further 33,000 cards in June. At present, two-thirds of the bank’s listed cards are made from recycled PVC. By October 2021, all new and reissued BPER Cards will be made exclusively from climate-friendly materials— involving some 3 million BPER Cards over the next few years.

Adopting recycled plastic material means we will slash carbon emissions by 36% compared to standard PVC. What’s more, our customers can pay for cards via pay-as-you-go vouchers that will make for a smoother online banking experience. In 2017, BPER signed on to the UN’s Global Compact principles, and in so doing, demonstrated how seriously we take sustainability in our operations, especially given growing climate awareness among our customers. In 2020, BPER, having taken a series of steps to cut carbon emissions and make good progress towards the UN’s 2030 Agenda goals, was the only Italian bank to receive an important environmental sustainability award from CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) while also featuring on the best climate change performers’ ‘A List’. If we want to achieve a sustainable economy, we really have to choose a partner like IDEMIA, which shares our core values and goals like innovation and sustainability. IDEMIA produces and personalizes our cards while minimizing its carbon footprint.
Bibanca general manager Diego Rossi

We’re immensely proud of our longstanding partnership with BPER Banca, and to support them in their green initiatives including launching their first recycled PVC cards. We’re thrilled to carry on down this path focusing on innovation, services, and environmental preservation. By introducing GREENPAY, our eco-friendly financial institutions package offer, we’re determined to make a difference by doing away with most of our plastic waste and carbon emissions: the planet’s two biggest challenges today.
IDEMIA Italy General Manager Eric Vernhes

GREENPAY by IDEMIA: sustainable payment solutions
GREENPAY by IDEMIA: sustainable payment solutions

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