Credem launches recycled PVC payment supplied by IDEMIA

Credem is one of the first banks in Italy to launch eco-friendly payment cards supplied by IDEMIA.

Hundreds of millions of payment cards are produced around the world every year. Most are made from PVC plastic which means they have a short life span and need to be regularly replaced; this causes serious harm to the environment if they are not recycled.

To combat this crisis, Credem decided to develop a new payment card made from recycled PVC. Manufacturing cards with sustainable raw materials, such as recycled production scrap, helps cut single-use plastic in circulation and actively reduces plastic waste in line with growing environmental awareness.

Credem believes there are many simple things we can do to contribute to the general wellbeing of all and the planet at the same time. Using sustainable cards for everyday payments is environmentally friendly and represents a genuine and tangible advance in Credem’s ongoing sustainable development journey that they embarked upon some time ago.

“Well banking” is one of Credem’s pledges: doing things right, making you feel good.

Credem has chosen recycled PVC because:

  • it’s made from recycled plastic (which is also recyclable)
  • it’s as good quality as new PVC and will not deteriorate
  • has less manufacturing impact on the environment

Credem is one of the first banks in Italy to go green in this way and, unlike other banks, does not charge customers more for card issuing costs.

Furthermore, not just the cards but the entire card supply chain is sustainable; the envelopes containing the cards, the card presentation document, and all other documentation.

Thanks to IDEMIA, #1 in sustainable payment card development and production worldwide, the new recycled PVC cards will cut out thousands of tons of single-use PVC and help reduce landfill and CO2 emissions.

Changing plastics also gave Credem the opportunity to review the card’s graphics as well as its physical aspects—they redesigned the look, chose a minimal style in line with sustainable values, and switched to eco-friendly low-VOC* inks. The new look will be applied to the entire Credem range: debit cards, prepaid cards and credit cards for private and business use.

We are thrilled to do our bit to advance Credem’s eco-friendly strategy and look forward to continuing to provide new greener products and services in line with growing consumer demand for such products.
Aaron Davis, Senior VP Europe Region, Financial Institutions, IDEMIA

*VOC: volatile organic compounds

GREENPAY by IDEMIA: sustainable payment solutions
GREENPAY by IDEMIA: sustainable payment solutions

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