Smart PIN technology IDEMIA

Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Banque Casino and Targobank deploy IDEMIA’s Smart PIN technology for a great user experience

IDEMIA's Smart PIN technology is deployed in 4,000 branches of the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Group, since October 2020. Banque Casino and Targobank have successfully implemented the solution.

IDEMIA is proud to announce the deployment of its Smart PIN solution with Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Banque Casino and Targobank. Addressing two major trends – environmental sustainability and “I want it now” – IDEMIA’s Smart PIN is ideal to support banks in their digitalization and adaptation to today’s challenges.

Smart PIN creates a new digital customer experience, enabling end-users to instantly receive their PINs or get a reminder via the bank’s mobile application or on its website. Furthermore, this innovation is eco-friendly, removing the use of paper and getting rid of associated transportation.

IDEMIA is the confirmed leader in this technology, having issued millions of dematerialized PINs. Through the deployment of Smart PIN in more than 4,000 agencies of the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale Group, IDEMIA once again proves its ability to support its banking customers with innovative solutions for end-users.