A day in the IDEMIA-augmented workplace

The workplace is hectic enough without having to worry about your data security, how you’ll get into the building or carrying around your professional and personal phones. IDEMIA’s solutions simplify every minute of your workday and John’s too.

MorphoWave Tower IDEMIA


9:00 a.m. Beating the morning rush

with MorphoWave™ by IDEMIA

The office lobby can be a busy place, especially at rush hour. But with a swift wave of his hand, John proves his identity and whizzes past the MorphoWave™ by IDEMIA. The gate opens and he squeezes into the crowded elevator.

  • MorphoWave’s 3D fingerprint reader captures 30% more data per finger, guaranteeing greater accuracy and higher security*
  • With 50 times more data to match against for every transaction*, rejection rates are significantly reduced
  • This contactless system rapidly and accurately scans fingerprints – eliminating hygiene concerns, while scanning up to 45 people per minute

* compared to traditional systems

IDEMIA Cryptosmart SIM-powered

11:30 a.m. Discussing a confidential product launch over the phone

with Cryptosmart SIM-powered*

Following his meeting, John calls his colleague to discuss the upcoming launch of a new product. With Cryptosmart SIM-powered*, his innovation secrets are safeguarded with the highest level of protection, whether shared via voice call or SMS.

  • Government-grade encryption provided by Cryptosmart SIM-powered* protects calls, text messages and files against ever-growing cases of hacking and cyber-attacks
  • If ever the phone is lost or stolen, users can wipe the device remotely
  • Even with this added protection, the user experience for voice call or SMS remains unchanged


IDEMIA Motion Code

1:00 p.m. Paying flight tickets online for a business trip


In preparation for a big out of town presentation, John buys his airline ticket. When prompted at checkout, he enters his 3-digit dynamic security code provided by his MOTION CODE™ business card and approves the transaction.

  • The magic of MOTION CODE™ happens behind the scenes and requires zero changes in user habit and it is also available for business card users
  • MOTION CODE™ produces a new 3-digit security code every hour, which appears on a mini-screen on the back of the card
  • Card security is drastically enhanced as stolen data are quickly rendered useless, stopping would-be fraudsters



3:30 p.m. Connecting at an off-site meeting

with IDEMIA’s eSIM

While at an off-site meeting, John securely connects his laptop to the 4G cellular network (soon to be 5G!). Hassle-free connectivity is built into his computer thanks to IDEMIA’s eSIM solution. The hunt for WiFi is a thing of the past!

  • eSIM-equipped devices provide seamless connectivity to mobile networks anywhere in the world — a huge plus for frequent business travelers
  • Security standards on mobile networks are high – even more so when compared to public WiFi networks in airports, hotels or cafés
  • eSIMs also simplify the management and personalization of enterprise device pools for IT managers



7:30 p.m. Juggling with one’s professional and personal line

with FuZion*

The workday is over but John is still waiting for a time-sensitive message from his colleague. He heads to happy hour with his friends with a single handset in his pocket, yet has access to both his business and personal lines. Thank you, FuZion*!

  • FuZion* by IDEMIA eliminates the hassle of carrying two phones – the compromise between having a second phone number or more room for storage is a thing of the past!
  • It combines a SIM and a 128 GB microSD storage in a single card, occupying only one slot on the tray of a dual SIM smartphone
  • It is fully compatible with 60 models of dual SIM smartphones already available on the market

*These offers are no longer a part of our portfolio


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