IDEMIA and Crédit Agricole Italia launch a 100% green card

The bank’s green initiative to reduce environmental impact and meet customers’ ever growing demand of eco-friendly solutions is now achievable thanks to a partnership with IDEMIA, the leading provider of eco-friendly recycled PVC payment cards.

Crédit Agricole Italia confirms that its commitment to green practices extends to payment cards by switching to fully recycled PVC cards made from greener materials that are environmentally friendly via lower carbon emissions. The bank’s initiative will be made possible thanks to a partnership with IDEMIA, the leading provider of eco-friendly recycled PVC payment cards. The new cards – ideal for secure payments everywhere, even contactless payments – are made with 100% recycled materials, thereby preserving the environment starting from production. Recycled PVC is derived from production waste and helps reduce natural resource consumption in line with circular economy principles.

The PVC-based cards will be given to customers from day one for prepaid CartaConto cards with IBAN and Easy Cash, a debit card that can also be used abroad for everyday expenses. Both cards can be used to pay in contactless mode with maximum safeguards and safety.

By teaming up with IDEMIA, Crédit Agricole Italia confirms its green practices also cover payment cards and help meet ever growing demand from customers for eco-friendly solutions. The development of green cards is part of a larger initiative called GREENPAY and launched by IDEMIA in October 2020. Over the last few months, IDEMIA’s customers around the world, including in Latin America, the US, Europe and Asia, have adopted this type of card.


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