IDEMIA leading Standardization bodies

ETSI SCP REQ nominates Davide Pratone as Chairman (November 2017)

We are very proud to announce that our colleague Davide Pratone, Senior Technical Marketing specialist at IDEMIA, has been confirmed as Chairman of ETSI Smart Card Platform and Requirements (ETSI SCP REQ), position he has already been handling since July 2013.

The main responsibilities of ETSI SCP is the establishment of standards for Secure Elements, which includes the traditional UICC, the embedded UICC and the new Secure Smart Platform. ETSI SCP REQ is the working group that defines the requirements specifications for these Secure Elements.


The SIMalliance nominates Remy Cricco as Chairman (September 2017) 

Remy Cricco, Director of Technical Marketing and standardization at IDEMIA, has been elected as Chairman of the SIMalliance.

In his role, he works alongside fellow Board members to further SIMalliance’s aim: to advocate the protection of sensitive connected and mobile services to drive the deployment and remote management of such services across multiple industries and use cases, including the Internet of Things (IoT).


The 3GPP CT WG6 nominates Heiko Kruse as Chairman (September 2017) 

Heiko Kruse, Senior Standardization Manager at IDEMIA has been appointed as Chairman of the 3GPP CT WG6.

This group within 3GPP is the one in charge of the establishment of standards for smart card applications.

He is also vice-chairman of ETSI Smart Card Platform (ETSI SCP).