eSIM future-proofing IDEMIA

Position Paper – eSIM future-proofing

Mobile operators face increasing complexity in supporting the variety of eSIM-enabled devices. In this paper, we look at these challenges and discuss how mobile operators can develop a framework to support all eSIM devices and use cases.

With an anticipated two billion eSIM-enabled devices shipped by 2025, mobile operators need a framework that can handle the increasing complexity in standards, specifications and requirements for each device.

The best approach would be to adopt a flexible and modular framework. Without having to invest heavily in each use case and its unique requirements, the cloud promises to be the answer to support the variety of eSIM-enabled devices.

In this paper, find out more about:

  • The challenges mobile operators face supporting a variety of eSIM-devices and use cases
  • How a cloud-based approach can help address these challenges
  • Market trends towards a cloud-based telecom infrastructure
  • IDEMIA’s collaboration with Microsoft and the convergence of eSIM enterprise and consumer use cases