Capturing two biometrics with only one look


In fast-moving environments, efficiency is the key to checking peoples’ identities – with many government agencies or commercial organizations turning to the use of self-service or automated solutions integrating biometric technology for identity management.

OneLook by IDEMIA offers a new approach to capture and identify a person through a single, easy-to-use, at-a-distance biometric capture device that can be integrated into an existing customer touchpoint (such as a self-service kiosk) or provided as a turnkey solution (for integration into a gate or a counter). Non-intrusive, it requires little involvement of users, while providing rapid capture, matching and processing.

Typical application environments include airports, either for border control or self-service airline facilities (bag drop, check-in, security access, boarding), or public enrolment situations.

Quick and easy capture

Both iris and face biometrics are captured in less than three seconds on average, as people walk through the capture field. Embedded anti-spoofing technology uses auto-focus for iris capture and 3D video tracking for facial recognition.

Best of both worlds

Separately, iris and facial recognition offer high levels of accuracy. Combined in OneLook by IDEMIA, they provide the highest level possible based on software algorithms proven to be the best in the world in independent tests.

High-quality equipment

The advanced imaging equipment used in OneLook provides a device that captures high-quality data and, with no moving parts or lighting, a low cost of ownership.

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