Passenger mobile enrollment

Starting the passenger check-in remotely for faster processing at the border

Passenger mobile enrollment

Today, airport authorities are facing a critical challenge which is to manage a growing flow of passengers. Passenger mobile enrollment helps manage these increased passenger volumes and therefore facilitates seamless travel.

With IDEMIA’s breakthrough white label pre-enrollment app or mobile SDKs, travelers can now start their enrollment process remotely using their smartphone, in compliance with law and respecting their privacy. All they have to do is to photograph their passport, take a selfie and/or capture their fingerprints using their phone’s camera. Once their identity is verified with a stated level of assurance, their seamless and secure journey can start. Then, the process is streamlined, leveraging on the data already acquired.


Passengers can use their smartphone and cross the border checkpoint without having anything else in their hands for a pleasurable travel experience.

Shorter waiting times

Passengers are processed faster in situ allowing a more relaxed experience.

Increased efficiency

Airport operators can process an additional volume of passengers while ensuring a high level of security.

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