IDEMIA confirms its leadership in the latest NIST latent fingerprint benchmark for forensic application in all test categories

IDEMIA, the global leader in identity technologies, has once again proven its leadership, offering the most accurate algorithms on both fingerprint and palm datasets in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s latest Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technologies (ELFT) complementary tests.

NIST ELFT is the world reference benchmark for latent fingerprint and palm print identification. The benchmarked technology is used to identify latent fingerprints and latent palm prints found on crime scenes. Initial tests, carried out in October, showed that IDEMIA’s algorithms are the best to deliver accurate performance for fingerprint and palm print datasets.

The original tests evaluated the ability to match fingerprints using latent images, with or without forensic expert features such as minutiae¹. Complementary tests show the results using expert features only. They confirm that IDEMIA’s technology is the most effective and reliable for both fingerprint image-based and feature-based matches.

While crime scene latent fingerprint features are the most challenging as they are often incomplete or poor quality, IDEMIA confirms its significant outperformance in these tests, with 2 to 5 times less errors than the competitive algorithms, on most of the datasets. This cements IDEMIA as the leader in fingerprint technology while amplifying its fingerprint recognition expertise, even for the hardest fingerprints, and its world-class fingerprint technology research.

We are particularly proud of the results of these complementary tests. They illustrate IDEMIA’s ability to be consistently a leader offering the most accurate algorithms on both fingerprint and palm datasets. This is in line with our long-standing and ongoing pledge to provide law enforcement agencies with the very best systems on the market in their critical mission.
Jean-Christophe Fondeur, IDEMIA Chief Technology Officer

IDEMIA is truly committed to the highest level of technology to provide fast, accurate, and fair solutions. These ELFT results come on the heels of other high-ranking NIST benchmarks already achieved recently, further demonstrating IDEMIA’s technology leadership. The following awards speak to IDEMIA’s innovation and best-in-class solutions in security and public safety.

  • FINGERPRINT: #1 in mFIT Challenge
  • FINGERPRINT: #1 on most of the data sets in the latest PFT III benchmark (Proprietary Fingerprint Template) for our AFIS-class algorithms
  • FACE: #1 in Fairness the latest NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).
    IDEMIA is proud to be the leader across all biometric technologies and to integrate these top technologies into its products and solutions.

¹ Refers to specific plot points on a fingerprint that includes characteristics such as ridge bifurcation or ridge ending.

  • About us - As the leader in identity technologies, IDEMIA is on a mission to unlock the world and make it safer. Backed by cutting-edge R&D, IDEMIA provides unique technologies, underpinned by long-standing expertise in biometrics, cryptography, data analytics, systems and smart devices.

    IDEMIA offers its public and private customers payment, connectivity, access control, travel, identity and public security solutions. Every day, around the world, IDEMIA secures billions of interactions in the physical and digital worlds.
    With nearly 15,000 employees, IDEMIA is trusted by over 600 governmental organizations and more than 2,300 enterprises spread over 180 countries, with an impactful, ethical and socially responsible approach. For more information, visit and follow @IDEMIAGroup on Twitter.

    For more information, visit and follow @IDEMIAGroup on Twitter.

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