IDEMIA Secure Transactions unveils a groundbreaking crypto agility solution for Post-Quantum

This world-first crypto-agility solution enables service providers to continuously upgrade to more secure cryptographic algorithms, offering long-term protection to their physical and digital products against quantum threats.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST) once again demonstrates its post-quantum leadership, announcing today the first crypto-agility solution that will enable service providers of secure products, such as banks and Fintechs, mobile network operators, IoT manufacturers and security providers, to future-proof the security of their products and to continually adapt to new threats in the post-quantum era.

A breakthrough in quantum threat management

The emergence of post-quantum cryptography has accelerated the need for agile solutions, capable of adapting to new threats in an ever-evolving ecosystem. Crypto agility enables suppliers to switch to newer, more secure cryptographic algorithms or protocols as older ones become obsolete, guaranteeing the quantum security of physical or digital products.

Crypto agility offers simplicity in operations, making it applicable to products in the field which have this functionality, such as smart meters, automobiles, payment cards, 5G and eSIM cards. This adaptability directly onto existing products provides significant added value in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with regulatory changes, while ensuring total business continuity.

This IST solution, based on NIST-standardized algorithms, is the first on the market to enable any company to guarantee long-term state-of-the-art security for both embedded chip products and digital solutions, capitalizing on more flexible and efficient methods for addressing security flaws.

As pioneers in the security industry, IDEMIA Secure Transactions is dedicated to leading the charge into the post-quantum era with our unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions. We are extremely proud of this first-of-its-kind technological advancement, which will offer long-term state-of-the-art security for solutions used by millions of people every day. Our commitment lies not only in providing cutting-edge technology but also in accompanying our clients every step of the way as they navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.
Marc BERTIN, Chief Technology Officer at IDEMIA Secure Transactions

IDEMIA Secure Transactions, a key player in the post-quantum cryptography ecosystem

This solution relies on IDEMIA Secure Transactions’ expertise in migration towards post-quantum technology and is in line with the Division’s longstanding commitment empowering clients with an unbeatable balance between high-level security and ease of use. In addition to providing the technical crypto-agility solution, the company will also provide accompanying services to leverage this technology.

With its 800 experts worldwide in research and development, IDEMIA Secure Transactions is at the leading edge of technology and a world leader in post-quantum cryptography. The company has long pioneered the development of post-quantum algorithms and, in 2022, became the first company to offer a quantum-resistant 5G SIM. Thanks to this expertise, its teams are helping in the creation of an industry standard for post-quantum technologies, and are actively contributing to working groups with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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