Smart Connect - Entitlement

Unlocking the full potential of consumer eSIM devices

IDEMIA Smart Connect - Entitlement

Smartphones, wearables, and connected devices are continuously evolving with new features to make our lives easier. To ensure a seamless user experience, device OEMs are introducing entitlement specifications to standardize the way devices and networks interact.

IDEMIA’s Smart Connect - Entitlement solution enables mobile operators to easily support devices that periodically request permissions from the network to access voice and data services or specific network features such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), multi-SIM, either on activation or later.

With Smart Connect - Entitlement, MNOs can grant devices access to cutting-edge network features, activate or deactivate these according to the user’s subscription changes, and even provision eSIM profiles on compatible devices. Smart Connect - Entitlement also integrates with an MNO’s websheet server to display plans and subscription details on the target device.

Smart Connect - Entitlement is part of the Smart Connect suite, an end-to-end solution for mobile operators wishing to support eSIM devices.

Full device compatibility

Smart Connect - Entitlement is compatible with the full range of smartphones and wearable devices from major OEMs.

Cloud flexibility and efficiency

Smart Connect - Entitlement can be rapidly deployed and scaled to customer needs. Continuous updates ensure compliance with the latest OEM features and standards.

Simplified integration

The modern and modular architecture of Smart Connect - Entitlement ensures quick and efficient integration with an MNO’s IMS and B/OSS, using existing APIs and adapting to the MNOs’ processes.

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