Smart OneCard

Providing consumers with truly unique cards

IDEMIA Smart OneCard

In today’s connected world, consumers instantly share their photos on social networks, get things delivered in a few clicks and expect their purchases to be personalized. On the heels of these trends, IDEMIA’s Smart OneCard makes every single payment card unique.

Smart OneCard enables consumers to select or upload their future card artwork instead of having one automatically assigned.

This end-to-end offer incorporates every step: card design software, web page hosting, card validation module, card production personalization and distribution.

2.0 consumer experience

With Smart OneCard consumers can select or create personalized cards that match their personality, from their smartphone or PC.

More engaged consumers

Smart OneCard service builds trust and loyalty. Consumers are more willing to use their cards if they are customized with their own images.

New consumer acquisition

Smart OneCard provides issuers with a competitive advantage and a service in line with today’s digital and personalization market trends.

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