Smart Services

Streamlining issuance and card personalization in physical and digital worlds
IDEMIA Smart instant issuance

We live in a mobile and connected world that is changing how consumers interact with their financial services providers. Consumers want to have everything at their fingertips, they don’t want to wait for products or services to be delivered and they expect a fully personalized experience. It is all about “ME, TiME and my service provider”.

At the same time, card programs and issuance are more complex, with a greater variety of products to personalize (from EMV migration to the personalization of innovative powered cards, wearables and digital cards). IDEMIA’s Smart Services range provide Financial Institutions with a suite of dedicated and independent solutions to face these challenges.

The Smart Services range is split into 3 segments, each segment structured by a suite of dedicated and independent services for Financial Institutions:

  • Issuer Services: to manage card programs with online services (in-branch instant issuance, issuance in difficult to reach areas)
  • Issuance Services: to issue payment cards wherever and whenever they are needed by consumers (card tracking, stock management)
  • Digital Services: to digitize all card-related services (e-PIN, e-notifications, e-inserts and picture card solutions) and manage biometric enrollment via electronic devices
Streamline operations

Issuers have direct control over defining, tracking and modifying their IDEMIA services.

Expand issuance horizons

Issuers can personalize cards anywhere, within their own facilities, network of branches or retail environment.

Support a truly digital consumer journey

Issuers serve consumers on-the-go with SMS, In APP and Web services.

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