Performing fast and reliable immigration pre-checks and traveler registrations


While the number of travelers keeps growing (8.2 billion air travelers expected by 2037 according to IATA) and as the forms of trans-border criminality are becoming very diverse, budget and resources for border controls continue to be scarce. To address these conflicting challenges, IDEMIA provides a solution to increase security and speed-up legitimate movements across borders with multi-biometric self-service kiosks.

IDEMIA’s TravelKiosk performs fast and reliable immigration pre-checks and traveler registrations for air, land and sea borders. Easy to connect to any Entry/Exit system, it speeds up border crossing time while increasing security and convenience.


TravelKiosk allows data capture and security checks before reaching the border guard counter or eGates and is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


TravelKiosk is adapted to groups and family processing with its intuitive, ergonomic and non-intrusive features.

Easy to operate

IDEMIA’s solution helps border guards in their decision-making process with a customizable, mobile border guard app to support traveler exception management and field operations.

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