Walk-through multi-biometric solution

Checking identities quickly with face and iris capture using OneLook Gen2

OneLook™ Gen2 IDEMIA

In a fast-moving environment, checking people’s identity efficiently is essential. The use of a multi-biometric solution provides the assurance that only you can be you and that only you can prove it. Simultaneous facial and iris recognition offers a fast, reliable and secure way of verifying identity. With multi-biometrics, border control agencies, as well as airports, airlines, and other organizations at air, land or sea borders can operate with even greater security without affecting travellers’ comfort.

To that end, IDEMIA has developed the second generation of the successful and field-proven OneLook™* device. With OneLook™ Gen2, organizations can benefit from even faster walk-through face and iris capture, offering outstanding image quality, greater matching accuracy and anti-spoofing capability.

Featuring a new sleek and integrated design, OneLook Gen2 is the best-in-class and fastest multi-biometric solution of its kind. With unrivalled performances for on-the-move face and iris recognition, it serves a wide range of applications, such as border control and smart boarding, for an even safer and smoother passenger experience.

*Branding not available in Europe, Japan and Singapore. For these countries please ask for ID-Look product and services.

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  • Quick and reliable capture

    OneLook™ Gen2, a multi-biometric solution, uses 3D video tracking and auto-focus to complete both face and iris capture in less than two seconds. It features advanced anti-spoofing capabilities to meet the most stringent security requirements.

  • High matching accuracy

    Facial and iris recognition combine in OneLook™ Gen2 to provide unparalleled accuracy based on software algorithms, regularly proven to be top tier in independent tests.

  • User-friendly experience

    Non-intrusive and easy to use, OneLook™ Gen2 ensures a walk-through, contactless face and iris capture for a wide range of user profiles.

  • 1500+

    OneLook units have already proven their effectiveness around the world

OneLook™ Gen2, walk-through multi-biometric solution
OneLook™ Gen2, walk-through multi-biometric solution
Biometrics for public security, travel, and identity

Biometrics for public security, travel, and identity

Biometrics refer to all processes used to recognize, authenticate and identify persons based on certain physical or behavioral characteristics. IDEMIA has more than 40 years of biometric expertise, constantly innovating to meet the requirements of governments and critical infrastructures.

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