Powering the next generation of mobile networks


For Mobile Network Operators and consumers, 5G will transform the use of mobile data with higher throughput, reduced latency, lower power consumption and increased coverage. Enhanced mobile broadband will offer users an improved experience in major public venue, or with a demanding application, such as Virtual Reality.

The Internet of Things will also drive the demand for 5G – particularly for connected vehicles, Smart Cities, healthcare and the metering of utilities. Critical communications used by fire, police and other emergency services are also looking forward to benefiting from 5G high reliability. Last but not least, 5G also provides the opportunity to bring higher level of trust built on privacy protection.

As MNOs are looking ahead to the launch of new services, IDEMIA is ready to support them with 5G SIM cards and a full range of 5G enabling solutions such as quality of service monitoring and security services for critical and massive communication.

Instant access

IDEMIA’s 5G SIM cards will be fully configured so that subscribers will have immediate access to the 5G network.

More protection

IMSI encryption on IDEMIA’s 5G SIM will provide better end-user privacy with greater protection against location tracking.

Better quality of experience

5G SIM cards combined with IDEMIA’s Smart Monitoring solution will enable operators to ensure high quality 5G services deployments by analyzing end-users coverage and experience.

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