Consumer devices connectivity and security

We unlock seamless connectivity and security on mobile networks with a wide range of SIM connectivity technologies.

The demand for seamless SIM connectivity technologies that ensure the security and privacy of connected devices for consumers is at an all-time high in a world where connectivity to mobile networks is playing a larger role in our daily lives. Now equipped with a multitude of consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other connected wearables, consumers expect better, faster, and always-on connectivity.

With the advancement of standalone 5G networks and the latest SIM connectivity innovations, mobile operators are able to offer their network subscribers more services in the consumer connectivity space. They can also better address new challenges such as subscriber privacy protection on mobile networks, a more sustainable approach to credential distribution, and top-notch quality of service for all consumer devices.

SIM connectivity technologies for consumer devices everywhere in the world

IDEMIA offers a complete range of SIM and eSIM technologies and combines them with future-proof OTA platform services that enable MNOs and MVNOs to meet different market connectivity and service requirements. Our extensive offer encompasses both traditional mobile business (feature phones, smartphones, and tablets) and the growing M2M and IoT ecosystem (wearable consumer devices, smart home equipment, etc.). We support 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G SIM connectivity technologies to facilitate and secure access to mobile networks around the globe.

eSIM solutions for always-on consumer device connectivity

As the consumer market continues to grow with more eSIM-enabled consumer devices, IDEMIA is at the forefront offering mobile operators a range of eSIM solutions, from the eUICC (eSIM) to our subscription management platform called Smart Connect. In compliance with GSMA specifications, we support them in the digital transformation of SIM connectivity, and we make it our mission to ensure secure access to mobile networks during the entire lifecycle of this new generation of connected devices.

5G SIM connectivity for enhanced subscriber privacy protection

With our 5G SIM and eSIM range, mobile operators can offer subscribers enhanced privacy protection and additional service capabilities for their connected devices. We leverage our longstanding expertise in cryptography and our leading position in 5G technology to safeguard user privacy and ensure subscribers’ full and worry-free usage of smartphones and other consumer devices.

Sustainability for a greener telecom industry

With GREENCONNECT by IDEMIA™ we support mobile operators in their sustainability journey. This end-to-end eco-friendly SIM connectivity range offers alternative materials, formats, and designs for both environmentally-friendly SIM form factors and green packaging.

Better control over quality of service on mobile networks

As the variety of consumer devices and ways to connect them multiplies, mobile operators need the means to seamlessly update any kind of secure element (SIM, eSIM, and iSIM) after issuance while also ensuring the best network connection experience for their subscribers by relying on actionable network insights. With IDEMIA’s OTA platform and its QoS monitoring feature, MNOs are able to monitor the quality of service on their network in real-time, and can detect device changes to adapt the secure element configuration accordingly. This advanced OTA platform also allows for millions of updates and reconfigurations every second of every day when consumer devices attach abroad. All this is done remotely, securely and while ensuring a frictionless experience for maximum customer satisfaction.


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