Corporate Responsibility at IDEMIA

Acting responsibly to promote environmental, economic and social sustainability

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a major concern for IDEMIA and its customers alike. Trust, transparency and accountability are expected not only of IDEMIA but right throughout the supply chain. As a responsible corporate citizen, IDEMIA is committed to taking action to reduce its impacts but also to protect the environment, support local populations and bring about positive changes to society.

IDEMIA’s management recognizes that a commitment to CSR must be enduring, that essentially CSR done well is a marathon, not a sprint. For IDEMIA, it’s about a long-term strategy, for continuous improvement with a readiness to adapt according to changes in legislation, trends, customer expectations, global crises and movements that companies have a moral obligation to support and respond to. It requires contribution from everyone at IDEMIA.

Gold Rating EcoVadisIDEMIA’s CSR performance is annually assessed for progress and effectiveness. IDEMIA continues to maintain a Gold certification from EcoVadis, placing IDEMIA in the top 5% of all participating companies across all industries.

The Global CompactSince 2006, IDEMIA has supported the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, embedding into its business Ten Principles regarding the environment, anti-corruption, human rights and labor, and aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals applicable to IDEMIA’s business.

Acknowledging that CSR is an ongoing collaboration between the organisation and its stakeholders, IDEMIA has conducted a materiality exercise, to check the direction of its CSR strategic actions. Key stakeholders told IDEMIA that anti-corruption, data privacy, human rights and employee well-being are amongst the most important topics they would like to see the company focus on.

IDEMIA’s CSR Core Committee, comprising executive management representatives from across the business, defines and monitors its corporate responsibility roadmap and priorities, considering IDEMIA’s impacts, the material issues identified by its stakeholders, its commitment to the UN Global Compact and compliance with the law.

IDEMIA’s CSR roadmap and priorities are managed through four key pillars:



From life cycle analysis, enabling eco-design, to waste minimization, recycling and offsetting carbon, IDEMIA is working on a wide range of initiatives to address its impacts, provide compliant products and to satisfy its customers and society.



IDEMIA values the skills and dedication of its people and recognizes the critical part they play in the company’s success. IDEMIA is driven by a spirit of openness, equality, fairness and safety for all, and a desire to create vibrant and rewarding working environments to make IDEMIA the workplace of choice.



Trust is at the heart of IDEMIA’s business, so retaining the trust of all stakeholders is of the utmost importance. IDEMIA has built a robust ethical foundation of policies, processes, training, management systems and compliance with the law.

Responsible Sourcing

Reponsible sourcing

IDEMIA acknowledges that the associations it makes can both positively and negative impact its achievements and its reputation. IDEMIA focuses on carefully choosing suppliers and monitoring their performance, as well as collaborating with them on CSR topics.

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