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Digital-first banking solutions IDEMIA

In today’s digital-first world, digital-first banking solutions are a must for banks and FinTechs to provide digital-native experiences that offer more transparency and control to cardholders, independently of their card form factor.

Digital-first does not mean digital only. It means blending digital and physical and taking the best from both to create unique customer journeys. With digital-first banking and card services, IDEMIA addresses consumers’ need for immediate, convenient and secure experiences and enables issuers to create value “beyond” the card to unlock a deeper relationship with the cardholder.

Services range from remote identity verification for opening an account to customizing the physical card directly from the mobile banking app (e.g. selecting PIN code and artwork), activating the card by simply tapping it on the back of your smartphone, or securely displaying card-related data to make online payments without even having to wait for physical card issuance.

IDEMIA’s digital-first banking solutions help banks and FinTechs to deploy digital-first payment strategies, enabling them to provide immediate card issuance and secure digital payment options accessible directly from their mobile banking app. These payment methods include:

  • NFC mobile payment solutions
    IDEMIA enables issuing financial institutions to provide their own branded NFC mobile payment wallet, but also to trigger the use of digital payment cards in third-party wallets by providing token push provisioning services and unified integration with the related Tokenization Service Providers. These mobile payment solutions enable cardholders to tap and pay at any merchant location that accepts contactless payments. They can also be used for in-app payments at online merchants who support this option.
  • Secure online payments
    IDEMIA enables banks and Fintechs to secure card-on-file payments by providing them with unified connectivity to payment network tokenization services, as well as with a push provisioning service that allows cardholders to enroll their card with the participating merchants directly from the mobile banking app. IDEMIA also provides a disposable or reusable virtual card display service by leveraging a dynamic digital card issuance and validation service to secure one-time eCommerce payments. These virtual cards can be displayed on the user’s mobile banking app at the moment of the transaction.

With virtual cards, NFC mobile payments and the IDEMIA Token Control service, financial institutions provide their clients with more transparency and control over their spending—cardholders get an overview of all tokens associated with a card (funding PAN) saved on any merchant app or website and enrolled to third-party wallets, along with the ability to manage each token from the mobile banking app.

All of IDEMIA’s digital-first banking and payment services rely on a set of easy-to-integrate APIs and an optional mobile SDK embedded into the card issuer’s mobile banking app. This reduces integration complexities and shortens the time-to-market for a variety of use cases.

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  • Enhanced user experience

    With digital-first banking solutions, issuers can onboard new customers, issue virtual cards, and trigger card enrollment to digital wallets or merchant websites with push provisioning from their mobile banking app. They can also provide cardholders with features to fully control their card experience from their smartphones—at all times.

  • Real-time information

    IDEMIA’s digital-first banking services suite helps create a paperless banking experience by providing card-related information directly in the mobile banking app. It creates an effective way of communicating with the cardholder during the card issuance process with real-time notification of card delivery.

  • Improved security and trust

    Remote identity verification establishes a root of trust to speed up cardholder onboarding and card issuance. In addition, virtual cards and NFC mobile payment options enhance fraud management through tokenization and domain usage restrictions.

Experience an end-to-end payment journey powered by IDEMIA
Experience an end-to-end payment journey powered by IDEMIA

End-to-end support for creating numberless cards

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