Digital-First payment card solutions

Enriching mobile banking with digital-first payment cards and features

Digital-First payment card solutions IDEMIA

There was a time when “digital” was secondary to plastic, and even optional. In today’s digital-first world, it is almost a requirement for banks and FinTechs to provide digital-native and even digital-first experiences that offer more transparency and control for the cardholder.

IDEMIA’s digital payment card solutions support banks and FinTechs in implementing such digital-first payment strategies, enabling them to propose immediate and secure payment options, accessible directly from their mobile banking app, including:

  • Virtual cards to secure online payments
    IDEMIA provides a disposable or reusable virtual card display service leveraging a dynamic card generation and validation service. These virtual cards can be displayed on the user’s mobile banking app at the moment of transaction, with the context-based payment information.
  • Contactless mobile payments at point-of-sale
    IDEMIA’s mobile payment solutions enable cardholders to tap-and-pay at any merchant location that accepts contactless payments. IDEMIA enables issuing financial institutions to propose their own branded NFC wallet by providing token provisioning services and unified integration.
Enhanced user experience

Digital-First solutions allow issuers to onboard new customers, issue digital cards, and provide access to financial services within minutes. They can also offer cardholders features to manage their cards and spending.

Optimized costs

Digital-First solutions eliminate losses from inactivated physical cards or cards stolen during delivery. Digital-first cards also have a significantly higher activation rate than their physical counterparts.

Improved security & trust

Digital-First solutions enhance fraud management by relying on tokenization, domain usage restrictions and customer authentication prior to payments.

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