Driver’s license solutions

Accompanying the future drivers with security and convenience

Driver’s license solutions

When it comes to applying, renewing or receiving a license, drivers are looking for easy, flexible and fast solutions, including online services. What’s more, in many countries around the world, driver’s licenses are one of the few documents permitted as a means of secure identification alongside a passport or ID card. With this in mind, governments have both to ensure road safety by guaranteeing only authorized drivers take the wheel, and provide solutions that protect against license fraud and forgery.

IDEMIA ensures the utmost security at the personalization stage to guarantee the highest level of protection of driver’s license against fraud. Hard to reproduce, easy to inspect, the driver’s credentials can also be securely digitized on smartphones, enabling new services to drivers. IDEMIA’s driver’s license solutions cover the whole value chain and provide tailor-made services from a wide range of secure enrollment options to a modular and interoperable management system.

In addition, IDEMIA also helps testing institutions speed up the exam process, while strengthening its security it with:

  • Automated Knowledge Testing on PCs or kiosks via user-friendly interfaces with advanced multimedia.
  • Automated Driving Test Tracks, based on the latest technology of video motion analytics and cameras inserted into the track and vehicle.
Secure identification

IDEMIA designs secure ID documents that integrate the most advanced security features. This guarantees reliable driver’s licenses for individuals and hard to reproduce, easy-to-authenticate documents for governments.

Mobile solution

With their mobile driver’s license individuals can chose the attributes they want to share or keep private, directly on their phone. It can be used during in-person identity verification or to access online services, just like their physical card.

Better user experience

Automated theoretical and practical tests allow the applicants to receive a time-bound service without any bias. Online renewal and driver’s licenses issuance can be processed very quickly.

90 million
driver’s licenses provided every year to governments
references around the world
12 hours maximum
to provide a driver’s license for fast track processes
The modern driver’s journey by IDEMIA

The modern driver’s journey by IDEMIA

IDEMIA’s modular suite of products and services helps accompany future drivers securely and conveniently. Follow the journey of a new applicant from its secure enrolment at the driving school to the use of his driver’s licence in-person and online.
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ISO/IEC 18013 series

IDEMIA complies with this international standard that establishes guidelines for the design format and data content of an ISO-compliant driver’s license (IDL). It allows a better interoperability and understanding between countries adopting this standard.

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