Secure DMV online driving test service

Allowing license applicants to take their written driver’s license knowledge test online

Secure DMV online driving test service

In the U.S., first-time driver’s license applicants are required to pass a written test, or driver knowledge test, that typically requires more than one visit to a DMV office and have to submit multiple forms of identity in order to be issued a learner’s permit. By providing online driving tests, DMVs can reduce foot traffic in their offices and improve not only license applicants’ experience but also office throughput for all their other services.

IDEMIA’s Remote WebTest, is an on-demand, secure testing as a service (TaaS) solution. It offers first-time driver applicants the flexibility of taking their driver knowledge test online, including from the comfort of home. To use this online driving test service, first-time driver applicants (or a parent or guardian) must complete a secure self-enrollment and brief authentication process using IDEMIA’s Mobile ID, a digital mobile-phone-based ID that provides secure identity verification. Once the test-taker’s identity is verified, the secure test can begin.

Improved customer satisfaction

The Remote WebTest solution for secure DMV online driving tests offers driver’s license applicants flexibility and convenience, allowing them to complete their driver knowledge test online, from anywhere they want.

Secure identity verification

This DMV secure online driving test service provides the same identity assurance to DMVs as the in-office test process by ensuring that driver’s license applicants are properly authenticated with a government-issued trusted digital ID.

Operational efficiency

Driver’s license knowledge tests completed outside the DMV office via web-hosted distributed services contribute to free up service availability for REAL ID or other customer-focused activities that need to be addressed in-office.

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