eSIM manager for IoT devices

Facilitating eSIM management for global and future-proof IoT deployment

eSIM manager for IoT devices

To help MNOs leverage the benefits of massive IoT deployment, IDEMIA’s eSIM IoT manager – known as Smart Connect IoT – supports use cases that rely both on eSIM M2M (SGP. 0x) and eSIM IoT specifications (SGP. 3X).

Supporting the new GSMA SGP.3x eSIM IoT specification will be crucial as more and more IoT use cases develop in sectors such as automotive, smart health, smart cities, and home automation—especially those that depend on low-power networks and devices.

The IDEMIA eSIM IoT manager unique value proposal is really an orchestration layer that:

  • intelligently and simultaneously manages eSIM M2M and eSIM IoT workflows,
  • facilitates integration with third-party Connectivity Management Platforms (CMP),
  • easily handles external events (i.e., device location changes, agreements signed with a new MNO partner, etc.),
  • and runs massive campaigns on eUICC fleets.

Our solution also offers just-in-time profile generation for enhanced profile feature management—from profile ordering to dynamic profile generation and adaptation. This provides a single 100% digital profile ordering mechanism for all M2M and IoT use cases.

Using this end-to-end approach, IDEMIA’s eSIM IoT manager allows any IoT device to connect to a mobile operator network out-of-the-box—meeting the need for instant provisioning of eSIM IoT connectivity across entire device fleets without any human interaction.

IDEMIA’s eSIM IoT manager covers all the platforms required for:

eSIM management in the M2M ecosystem (SGP. 0x):

  • Subscription Manager – Data Preparation (SM – DP): for eSIM IoT profile generation and encryption
  • Subscription Manager – Secure Router (SM – SR): for profile download and remote management on eUICCs

eSIM management in the IoT ecosystem (SGP. 3x):

  • eSIM IoT Remote Manager (eIM): for secure remote Profile State Management operations on a single – or a fleet of – IoT devices
  • Subscription Manager-Data Preparation+ (SM-DP+) which secures data preparation, storage and remote download of MNO eSIM profiles onto the eUICC.

IDEMIA’s eSIM IoT manager is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud to ensure:

  • High availability: for uninterrupted service
  • Resilience: geo-redundant architecture, mitigating risks from major disasters
  • Capacity & elasticity: ability to handle significant volumes of eSIM transactions and to dynamically adapt to peaks in traffic
  • Security and data protection: most advanced security certifications and protection systems keeping MNO network credentials safe and mitigating attacks such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

With IDEMIA’s carrier-grade eSIM IoT manager, IoT device manufacturers can maintain global, flexible, always-on and cost-effective connectivity with all the MNO partners they need.

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  • Business growth

    Simultaneously manages eSIM M2M (GSMA SGP. 0x) and eSIM IoT (GSMA SGP. 3x) use cases through a single interface and streamlined processes.

  • Simplicity and efficiency

    Simplifies integration via standard APIs, facilitates eSIM profile ordering and inventory, enhances connectivity orchestration.

  • Scalability and resilience

    Manages a wide diversity and large volumes of IoT devices. Scales up securely using high-performance platforms in the Public Cloud.

  • 210

    eSIM management platforms, live or qualified by major MNOs

  • 6

    GSMA SAS-SM certified regions in the Public Cloud by 2023

  • #1

    in automotive connectivity solutions with eSIM technology

IDEMIA solutions for GSMA’s eSIM IoT specification (SGP. 31, SGP. 32)
IDEMIA solutions for GSMA’s eSIM IoT specification (SGP. 31, SGP. 32)
  • Single point of integration for eSIM M2M (SGP. 0x) and eSIM IoT (SGP. 3x) platforms
  • Single and 100% digital profile ordering mechanism
  • Supports all types of devices and eUICCs: M2M eUICCs and IoT eUICCs with IPAe or IPAd*
  • Hosted in the Public Cloud

*IPAe: IoT Profile Assistant located on eUICC; IPAd: IoT Profile Assistant located on device

  • GSMA eSIM M2M specifications compliant

    Smart Connect IoT is compliant with all GSMA standards for Remote eSIM Management of IoT devices.


  • GSMA SAS-SM data center accreditation

    IDEMIA’s eSIM IoT manager is cloud-native and hosted in GSMA SAS-SM certified data centers.



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