Health cards and solutions

Providing citizens with health identity proof and health certificates

Health cards and solutions IDEMIA

IDEMIA provides trusted health cards and end-to-end secure health data management solutions to accompany governments, health ministries, the private sector, and even the aviation sector. These solutions enable citizens to prove their health identity, access digital healthcare infrastructures, and share their health status in various environments.

In a context where the international pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of the healthcare sector, it is critical to protect the highly sensitive health data of citizens. This accelerating digitalization also highlights the need for secure identification and authentication of patients for telehealth and telemedicine, and more generally of citizens in situations where they need to share their health status with a health passport or heath certificate, notably to travel.

IDEMIA’s tailor-made solutions can be adapted to the local environment, as each country has its specific healthcare needs.

IDEMIA’s end-to-end solution covers the following steps:

  • Enrollment of citizens
  • Creation of a health identity database
  • Production, personalization, and issuance of health cards
  • Mobile health identity
  • Health travel pass

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  • End-to-end solution

    IDEMIA takes care of the entire ecosystem, from the enrollment of citizens and the creation of the health identity systems to the issuance of health credentials, such as health cards and digital health applications.

  • Tailor-made health solution

    IDEMIA’s tailor-made health solution can easily be adapted to the requirements and/or infrastructures of the local government as well as the private sector.

  • Data privacy protection

    IDEMIA’s health data management solutions comply with privacy regulations, enabling citizens as well as travelers to securely manage their health data.


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