IMPACT: Environment

Leading and encouraging ways to protect our planet

IDEMIA impacts the environment through the choices we make across our operations, products, and policies. We work on a wide range of initiatives to address our responsibilities including eco-conception in the design of our products and services, waste minimization, promoting a reduce, reuse, recycle, and offset paradigm, and collaborating with our partners and suppliers on environmental responsibility.

Our focus

With employees in 62 different countries across more than 200 sites, and operations in more than 140 countries, our shared environmental focus must be properly enacted across our global footprint. To do this, we have created the IDEMIA Environmental Policy that communicates common environmental objectives.

Through our environmental management system, we outline individual, local and global roles, and set out guidelines to achieve compliance with environmental legislation affecting our business. Our focus aligns with the United Nations Sustainability Goals 12 and 13.

Responsible consumption production
Climate action

Taking real steps to protect our planet

IDEMIA’s environmental initiatives include improving waste management—in particular landfill waste—reducing energy consumption, and replacing chemical products with alternative, solvent-free ones for greener processes.

IDEMIA aims to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% by 2025 and participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project, annually sharing our carbon footprint data.

To help us reach this goal, we focus on:

Product compliance

IDEMIA works with our clients to improve the environmental footprint and impact of our products. The Group has committed to monitoring at least 80% of our key suppliers’ sustainability performance and takes care to ensure that our products meet the requirements of environmental legislation. Suppliers of raw materials are expected to guarantee that they are providing goods in accordance with environmental laws. Environmental due diligence is performed, and may be triggered by changes in supplier, materials composition or release of new legislation.

Technology and design

Following a program of eco-design, IDEMIA R&D engineers analyze the environmental aspects of raw materials, manufacturing and assembly process, distribution, and end of life management, with attention on all phases of the product life. With 100% of our R&D team trained on CSR and green offers by 2023, we consider environmental aspects in both the technical specifications of the product and required manufacturing equipment, as well as the set-up of new associated production processes.

Environmentally conscious products

IDEMIA offers a range of environmentally conscious solutions from reduced size cards to alternative card body materials, streamlined transportation, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. In addition, we also support customers in offsetting carbon emissions linked to the production and transportation of our products. For example, through our GREENPAY offer, we not only propose the highest proportion of recycled materials in the payment industry, but also end-to-end services such as digital PINs and inserts, on-demand carrier printing, and eco-friendly packaging material; it also helps slash transportation emissions through the local presence of 30+ personalization centers worldwide, allowing us to be as close as possible to our customers.

  • 2023

    Target year to align our carbon actions with the Science Based Targets initiative.

  • 25%

    Carbon emission reduction by 2025

  • 100%

    R&D trained on CSR and green offers by 2023

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