The future is here for mobile operators: brace yourself for a digital transformation in the subscriber onboarding experience

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The digitalization of the mobile industry is changing the subscriber onboarding experience and creating new opportunities. Understanding this new subscriber experience is key to providing quality and security to every mobile user.

  • The scale of a “digital revolution” depends on the technology currently available in a country, its technological infrastructure and its citizens’ overall acceptance of the use of technology
  • As digital innovations advance society, they also put greater physical distance between mobile operators and their clients – creating the need to truly know their customers in this increasing digitalized world
  • eKYC solutions are key to establishing a trusting digital customer journey, while abiding by regulations

Everyday new digital innovations change our expectations as customers and transform what was once unimaginable into reality. Today, digitalization is changing the face of the Telecom industry.

An accelerating digital revolution

In developed countries, when we think of digitalization, we think of apps to order food or share a ride. In less developed countries however, it can sometimes simply mean replacing pen and paper. Enrolling mobile subscribers in many countries is still done by hand. For these mobile operators, digitalization introduces hardware tools, such as mobile ID capture solutions, that speed up enrollment and eliminate registration errors. Or in some cases, they can even create surefire digital identities by collecting biometric data from customers who do not have access to verifiable government ID documents—in the framework of applicable privacy and data protection regulations.

As countries become more mature, digitalization goes one step further. Users can register themselves via mobile apps or websites. And with the arrival of eSIM (embedded SIM), operators can digitalize the entire subscriber journey, making it possible for customers to select their tariff plan, enroll themselves, and instantaneously activate their mobile devices in complete security – whether in a mobile operator boutique, via a third party reseller in a supermarket or even from the comfort of their home on their smartphone. And this is just the beginning. Experts predict that the number of connected devices with eSIM capabilities will near 500 million by 2022.

A digital identity everyone can count on

As digital advancements increase the physical space between mobile operators and subscribers, the need for convenient, secure and reliable Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions (the process of collecting customer identity information) will only become more apparent. Today, mobile operators are implementing more rigorous KYC solutions, with 150 countries requiring mandatory registration for contract and prepaid users. These regulations vary according to the specific challenges countries may face – including terrorism, identity fraud or money laundering.

But let’s not forget that a streamlined, fully digitalized registration process also generates the need for mobile operators to guide their customers through this new journey.


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