Mobile ID

Proving your identity with greater privacy


As security continues to work its way up the popular agenda, proof of identity is becoming part of our daily lives. From collecting parcels to buying certain goods, enrolling for services, or dealing with government agencies, providers need to check a person’s identity before any transaction. Paper documents have, of course, served us well for centuries and with over 3 billion identity documents issued for more than 100 governments, IDEMIA has an important record of accomplishment in this domain. Now, with the Mobile ID app by IDEMIA, the smartphone in the pocket of 2.5 billion people can also be a secure way of storing and instantly sharing one’s identity information. 

Intuitive and easy-to-use, the Mobile ID app by IDEMIA is launched with a selfie-check from the phone’s camera. The identity information to be shared is then chosen by the user. In a privacy-focused society, citizens are now able to answer only the question asked: prove that they are of age without disclosing their birthdate, confirm their passport number without handing it over, confirm their country of residence without providing their entire address. For service providers, no special equipment or training is needed.

With Mobile ID, governments change the way they interact with their citizens. Of course the Mobile ID app can be provided by governments at the same time as a physical document is issued, or governments can empower people to self-enroll from their phone. By creating a direct line of communication with their citizens, authorities can easily keep their information updated – such as changes of address – and can also notify them about expiry dates.

Efficiency and security

Mobile ID provides fast, easy and secure verification of an individual’s identity or rights, backed by anti-tampering and anti-spoofing measures.

Simple to use

This cutting-edge solution leverages IDEMIA’s expertise in biometric recognition on a smartphone for even greater convenience and security.

Privacy protected by design

With Mobile ID, citizens are in sole control of the data they want to share, providing only the requested attribute.

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