IoT connectivity and security

We unlock the full IoT ecosystem potential with IoT security and innovative and future-proof connectivity solutions.

The number of connected objects already exceeds the number of people on Earth and continues to grow. As the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to transform just about every aspect of our lives, we are seeing multi-faceted IoT connectivity needs taking shape for M2M industrial processes, energy metering, healthcare, automotive, and within the consumer space. While different verticals within the IoT ecosystem have very different connectivity requirements—devices requiring low latency, extended coverage, high bandwidth or low power consumption—IoT security is a common denominator that all connectivity solutions should factor in.

Global and always-on connectivity enablement

IDEMIA’s remote SIM provisioning solutions enables to get in real-time the best connectivity service depending on the location, cost and coverage, wherever the device is deployed in the world. Devices can be manufactured locally and shipped globally, with connectivity swapping whenever it’s needed, when the device arrives at its destination or enters a new country or region for instance.

A root of trust for every IoT security need

IDEMIA’s wide range of ruggedized connectivity solutions—SIM, eSIM, and integrated SIMs—provide mobile operators, OEMs and other service providers with a comprehensive answer to the many challenges of the IoT ecosystem. Relying on these roots of trust, our IoT connectivity and credential distribution solutions ensure end-to-end security of all data exchanged between individuals and the IoT ecosystem—addressing IoT security at the end-point level, as recommended by the GSMA with the IoT SAFE specifications.

5G and low power: the future of IoT connectivity

With 5G connectivity solutions, IDEMIA is leading the way for the next wave of IoT devices with partners across the globe. The IoT connectivity evolution in the 5G era opens up new use cases and business opportunities such as private networks, network slicing, enhanced IoT security and better subscriber privacy protection.

IDEMIA is also actively involved in the GSMA Working Group 7, defining new architecture for IoT connectivity addressing new use cases and constraints such as low power devices with no user interface and low power networks. Our M2M connectivity solutions addresses your current and future connectivity needs and challenges.

Better control over IoT connectivity and service quality

As a trusted global partner for connectivity solutions, security and digital services, IDEMIA provides MNOs and OEMs with product, solutions and services tailored to the IoT ecosystem needs for seamless credential distribution, physically and or digitally. Our dedicated digital platforms enable them to load credentials over-the-air, and facilitate the configuration and maintenance of secure elements, whether they are removable or soldered. They also enable remote management of subscriptions, and accurately measure network quality and availability of the IoT connectivity at the object level.


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