Preventing forgery of identity documents


Our key mission is to protect your identity which materializes in the form of the document you carry along in your purse or in your pocket. Fraudsters attempting to forge a fake document would usually start by altering the photo. With LASINK, IDEMIA is adding an extra security feature on your picture. Now, to be successful, in addition to mastering the polycarbonate laser engraving technique, fraudsters will be unable to forge the LASINK specific techniques and consumables.

IDEMIA’s LASINK feature has been designed to be used either by our own personalization service centers or to equip national printing houses willing to enhance the security level of their documents.

Not only is LASINK improving the security of the identity document, it is also facilitating the automated verification of its authenticity thus expediting passport verification at borders as well as allowing users to access online services securely and without hindrance.

Highly secure

LASINK is an additional security feature protecting efficiently your picture. Once you see the LASINK trade mark on the document, you can be sure of its authenticity.


LASINK has been designed to be used by our own personalization services as well as to equip national printing houses.

Easily identifiable

LASINK cards can be verified in many ways: with the naked eye as the feature is easily recognizable, with a magnifying glass to check there is no color overlap, with a LASINK filter; by border control machines and even with a smartphone camera using a specific algorithm.

The principality of Andorra wanted to align with the security measures applicable to the passports of surrounding countries and that’s why we selected the latest generation integrating the LASINK technology provided by IDEMIA.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and the Interior of the Andorran government
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