LED dual payment card

Lighting up the contactless payment experience with a LED credit card or a LED debit card

LED dual payment card IDEMIA

With the LED credit card—or debit/prepaid card—IDEMIA brings originality to the payment experience with an embedded LED that lights up on payment.

Physical card usage continues to rise, and contactless payments are also growing in adoption everywhere. At the same time, customers are looking for features that reflect their unique personality or way of life—fuelling the demand for debit and credit card innovation.

A LED credit card—or debit/prepaid card—makes holders feel unique thanks to a strong and innovative visual statement. It is a way for banks to increase the joy of payment. When customers tap their card to pay contactless, the card lights up making contactless payment an exciting game. Tech-savvy cardholders see a LED credit card as an accessory that aligns with their lifestyle and values, and project a certain image.

IDEMIA’s LED Card is ISO format. This dual EMV payment card product is available for all card segments (debit, credit, prepaid). The card is battery-less and is powered by the POS’s NFC field. The LED can be customized in 3 colors (red, green, blue) and adapted to illuminate any logo.

Combined with rewards and/or cashback programs and/or a mobile wallet, a LED credit card—or debit/prepaid card—enables the bank to create an ever more attractive and distinctive proposition for specific customer segments.

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  • Customer uniqueness

    Create distinctive value propositions for specific customer segments (Millennials, Gen Z, teenagers, students, e-gamers, etc.) and give customers a feeling of being unique through exclusive card design.

  • Distinctive brand image

    Reinforce and differentiate your brand with this original debit and credit card innovation. Any logo can be designed and illuminated with the chosen color.

  • Increased card spending

    Develop the joy of payment and enhance the payment experience. Consumers prefer paying with their LED Card, making it top of wallet.

IDEMIA APAC Business Talk with CEO of Razer Fintech in Singapore
IDEMIA APAC Business Talk with CEO of Razer Fintech in Singapore

As many of our users are part of the high-end gaming segment, they have exacting standards and would settle for no less when it comes to product and solution excellence. Our Razer Card offers them just that and we have received great feedback on it from our customers thus far. IDEMIA has an unmatched track record in card production and security; with their technology, we are offering our discerning customers a product that helps them enjoy more value from our financial services via both style and substance.

Lee Li Meng, CEO of Razer Fintech

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