Announcing the new IDEMIA Starlight payment card

Illuminating payments with the first-ever network-certified card using OLED technology.

IDEMIA Starlight payment cardIn a move toward taking the physical payment experience to new heights, IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST) has introduced the innovative IDEMIA Starlight payment card—the first-ever network-certified card that uses OLED technology. With an illuminating effect, IDEMIA Starlight promises a unique and visually captivating contactless payment experience.

Equipped with an OLED panel, the IDEMIA Starlight card operates without a battery. OLED technology illuminates a pattern with a consistently brilliant effect when placed near a POS reader, powered solely by its NFC field. The IDEMIA Starlight card complies with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for financial transaction cards and is a network certified by Mastercard and Visa International payment schemes. It functions as a dual EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) payment card product, allowing the card to be used for payments using the magnetic stripe, via chip & pin, and for contactless payments.

As more consumers pivot towards digital services, the physical card gains heightened significance for traditional banks and FinTechs as a means of building a connection with customers. Design and ‘fun factor’ are crucial elements that respond to consumer demand for distinctive features from card issuers and fuel a need for innovative payment card solutions. According to a consumer survey conducted in 12 countries, 72% of respondents emphasized the importance of their payment card’s design. Among them, 82% were interested in a payment card which lights up upon payment.*

In line with these trends, IST has consistently led the way in payment card innovation by developing cards with various materials from metal to rPVC, experimenting with special inks such as neon and glow-in-the-dark, or thermo-reactive inks with multiple color variations, and incorporating features such as biometric authentication. The introduction of the innovative IDEMIA Starlight card further highlights IST’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of payment card design.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions’ global network of designers collaborate with card issuers to transform payment cards in different forms into brand-defining works of art. The cards can be personalized at all 32 IST personalization centers across the globe.

We are thrilled to introduce the IDEMIA Starlight payment card, the first of its kind to achieve network certification using OLED technology. In an era where physical cards remain essential for card issuers to foster customer relationships amidst the rapidly digitizing payments landscape, this card serves as a strategic asset for banks and FinTechs aiming to distinguish their brand. Its introduction not only reflects our commitment to advancing payment card technology but also empowers card issuers to stand out in the competitive market, ensuring their card remains at the top of the wallet.
Julia Schoonenberg, EVP Payment Services at IDEMIA Secure Transactions

* Ad-hoc survey conducted by independent research institute, Dentsu Insights


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