IDEMIA Identity & Security, N.A.

Identity & Security, N.A.

Providing identity assurance to secure & simplify lives

Identity is unique – it’s who you are, where you live and represents everything you do. It’s personal and private and deserves the highest level of protection.

in Driver’s License issuance in the U.S.
Years leadership in the criminal justice and public safety market
Million citizens enrolled in the TSA Pre✓® program

Our deep-rooted expertise

At IDEMIA, our mission is to create a safe and simple future where identity verification is indisputable and only you can assert your identity. As a trusted partner to U.S. government agencies for more than 50 years, our deep domain expertise in civil identity, public security, commercial markets and biometric identification and document authentication is second to none. These strengths, paired with our unparalleled relationships and pioneering approach to in-person identity resolution and proofing, make us the leading provider of best-in-class solutions for civil and commercial transactions.

Meeting the challenges of today

Globalization, digitalization and mobility – all of these drivers contribute to the evolving landscape of identity and security. With identity fraud on the rise, consumers need – and are demanding – secure identification credentials that leverage the latest biometric technology. By implementing IDEMIA’s broad range of U.S. government-endorsed solutions, you can be assured that your identities are protected.

Whether its expediting airport security through TSA Pre✓ or revolutionizing mobile driver’s license technology, our best-in-class solutions and services guarantee that total identity control is in your hands.


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Augmented Identity

Tapping into our expertise, we’re helping North American citizens conveniently and securely assert their identity. It’s called Augmented Identity.