IDEMIA selected by Aena to trial a biometric passenger journey at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport

IDEMIA has been selected by Aena, the leading airport operator for passenger traffic management, to be part of an innovative passenger facilitation pilot at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

The pilot started on December 15 with biometric technology in use on the Vueling flights for Malaga. Passengers have pre-approved access thanks to the biometric boarding facility. They can board the plane earlier and without presenting any documentation. They only need to show their face.

The biometric identification system based on facial recognition is the most convenient, hygienic, and secure way to speed up and facilitate processes such as boarding and passing through security touch points. IDEMIA has provided high-quality facial image capture at enrollment kiosks, airside zone access eGate and boarding eGate, and will ensure the biometric matching of all passengers going through the touchpoints. The Group is using its expertise in algorithms to ensure a more fluid passenger experience.

IDEMIA’s algorithms are proven to be highly accurate, thereby offering the best security for all parties involved and a fast and easy passenger journey. Vueling and Aena will benefit from accurate passenger identification using IDEMIA’s best-in-class biometric engine.
Pascal Fallet, SVP Europe, Public Security & Identity at IDEMIA

When checking in, either online using a dedicated mobile application or at the airport using biometric registration kiosks, passengers can register their face and consent to share their biometrics and booking information with Aena. On the day of the flight, passengers can simply use their face biometrics to go through both security touch point and boarding gate that are reserved for biometric boarding. Since privacy is the number one priority, biometric data is immediately deleted after take-off.

In 2017, IDEMIA installed a facial recognition biometric ID control system in Terminal 4 of Singapore’s Changi Airport. This included passenger facilitation from baggage check-in to aircraft boarding, including airside zones and border crossing. The Group regularly conducts facial recognition technology trials to make boarding smoother. These trials include the wholly contactless and biometrics-based passenger experience implemented in Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, with VINCI Airports through MONA. Similarly, in 2021, IDEMIA, working alongside Groupe ADP, piloted a biometric passenger journey—from entering the terminal to boarding—in Paris-Orly Airport. Between the capitals of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the world’s first facial recognition shuttle service is being trialed. It allows passengers to enjoy a seamless experience without the need to present a boarding pass or an identification document.


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